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DOC Vinho Verde Monção e Melgaço
Muros Antigos Espumante
Type of wine
Antigos Alvarelhão 2012 is a blanc de noir sparkling wine made from Alvarelhão grape variety. The best vineyards of this variety were selected and the harvest of these vineyards was early to obtain grapes with an excellent balance between a fresh acidity and low levels of sugar, essential for obtaining a sparkling wine of great quality.
Key points
The grapes are pressed whole to obtain a juice of great quality. This juice was cooled and settled at low temperatures for 48h. The fermentation was held in stainless steel vats at 16ºC during 20 days. An ageing period on the lees during 5 years took place in order to obtain a total autolysis of the yeasts. The sparkling process followed the traditional method of second fermentation in bottle and a 12 months period of aging.
Tasting notes
Gold color. Subtle aromas of dried fruits and biscuit. Fine and delicate bubble. Long end were flavors of biscuit and fruit arise.
100% Alvarelhão
Acceptable storage time
20 years
12,5% vol.
Total acidity
6,2 g/L
Tech sheet
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