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Quality and Food Safety Policy

The commitment of Anselmo Mendes Vinhos, to its customers and other stakeholders, is reflected in an effort to have its Environment, Sustainability, Quality, and Food Safety Policy documented, communicated, implemented, and updated.

The Environment, Sustainability, Quality, and Food Safety Policy is based on the following principles:

  1. Ensure the quality and food safety of its products and services, complying with customer requirements, applicable legislation and regulations, and good hygiene and production practices, following the principles of continuous improvement.
  2. Establish internal and external communication throughout the food chain and strengthen trust with relevant stakeholders (employees, suppliers, customers, official entities, etc.), ensuring satisfaction of needs and expectations, to ensure incident management, emergencies, product recall, and withdrawal of unsafe products from the market and thus contribute to consumer food safety.
  3. Value its employees through adequate training for the development of necessary skills for effective and responsible performance of their activities.
  4. Develop all activities seeking environmental protection, including prevention and minimization of environmental impact in the surrounding environment, and helping to protect biodiversity.
  5. Ensure safe, fair, and ethical work in accordance with the principles of ethics, equality, and non-discrimination according to the organization's code of conduct.
  6. Instill sustainability principles in all decision-making and organizational management.
  7. Innovate, value, and promote the territory by promoting local products and culture.
  8. Establish partnerships with other institutions to contribute to the development of the region.


The Management

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