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DOC Vinho Verde
Type of wine
Pardusco was the name given to the light colored reds, with low alcohol, which travelled well and aged well. Back in those days they didn’t had the denomination of Vinho Verde and later in time they startedto be known as “Mature wines of Monção”.
Key points
Hand harvest at a perfect maturation point. Bunches de-steemed and cold maceration. Long fermentation at a low temperature. Complete malolactic fermentation.
Tasting notes
Pale ruby color. Ripen red berry aromas with a mineral hint. On the palate shows a very nice acidity that shows freshness along with a good structure.
Fooding pairing
Ideal for pairing with white meat (duck or turkey for example) and cured cheeses.
Alvarelhão, Pedral, Cainho
Acceptable storage time
7 years
12% vol.
Total acidity
5,5 g/L
Tech sheet
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