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DOC Vinho Verde Alvarinho Monção e Melgaço
Muros de Melgaço
Type of wine
It’s from grapes of the Alvarinho variety that we produce our Muros de Melgaço. Coming from south-facing hillside vineyards and exclusively produced in Melgaço, the selected grapes provide high maturation as well as high acidity levels. A complex and exuberant wine, it ferments and ages in 225L French oak barrels for 6 months. Muros de Melgaço was the first wine and throughout these 25 yearsit has firmly accompanied our journey in imposing excellence and elegance. A reference in Portugal that makes us proud by demonstrating the class and elegance of this grape variety so enriching.
Carefully selected grapes from the best plots of land. Handpicked into small boxes and transported to the winery in a short period of time. Soft pressing of destemmed grapes followed by a light decantation of the must by cold at 12ºC. Fermentation in French oak barrels with bâtonnage on total lees for 6 months.
Tasting notes
The nose is marked by minerality and citrus notes. In the mouth it is persistent and structured, but the juiciness it presents with the acidity makes it elegant. Light vanilla offers creaminess.
Food pairing
Muros de Melgaço is an excellent wine to pair with fish dishes. Spiritual cod and fish fillet seasoned with lemon are great pairing dishes. Should be served between 11-13ºC.
100% Alvarinho
Acceptable storage time
8 years
13% vol.
Total acidity
5,7 g/L
Tech sheet
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